After You by Jojo Moyes Book Review

This review will contain spoilers for the book Me Before You. If you have not read that book and plan to, please read at your own risk!


After You by Jojo Moyes is the sequel to Me Before You and it was an interesting book that seemed to flow really well. It was a sequel to a book that did not necessarily need to have a sequel. There is a part of me that thought it was nice to have the story of what happened afterwards, but there was also the part of me that would have liked it better if the story wasn’t told.

I love Jojo Moyes’ writing style. It pulls you in and you get hooked. I absolutely LOVED Me Before You so this book had a lot to live up to. Me Before You was a great love story that is not heard often. There are very few love stories that don’t end as you would expect, so it made it unique. Because it ended the way it did, it really didn’t need to go on.

After You continued the story 18 months down the road. The reader is still following Louisa Clark who is still learning how to deal with the death of Will Trainer. The story begins when Louisa falls off the roof of her 5 story apartment building and ends up in the hospital. This brings her mother and father back into her life as well as a cute EMT, Sam. After the accident, her father asks one thing of her, and that is to join a grief counseling group, which she does. There she makes several new friends that are dealing with the death of a loved one and just so happens to meet Sam again through one of the members.

One night after a meeting, Louisa hears a knock on her door. She opens the door to find a young girl of about 16 standing in front of her. Turns out, this girl, Lily, is Will Trainer’s daughter. She says he never knew about her, but she wanted to learn more about her dad and therefore, came to Louisa for help. Lily is a troubled girl and Louisa is stuck between helping her, learning to move on with her life, a great job prospect in New York City, and a possible new love.

It’s a good story. It kept me interested, but I will say that Louisa is no longer the same character that charmed me in Me Before You. I realize that is the point. She just lost the love of her life, but I am really stuck on the fact that this part of the story was not necessary. I guess it was nice to see that life does go on after you lose someone and you can still find love after loss.

Overall, I rate this book with 3 notes! Because this is a sequel, I am only rating the story. I have already rated her writing style and the hookability remains the same as well.



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