Get Into Reading…For Kids!


I absolutely love reading. You can often find me curled up with a good book. That is, when I’m not chasing kids around the house…Because I love reading, I want my children as well as the children in my daycare to love reading just as much as I do. Therefore, every Thursday consists of a trip to our local library!

The kids absolutely love it. The younger kids get to play with all the different toys, but at the end of the time there, they each get to pick a book and we then read those books throughout the week. The older kids get to enjoy their time at Story Hour where they read books, make crafts, and just have a good time with the other kids. They too get to check out books towards the end of the day. My kids are continuously asking me if we can read their library books during daycare. It’s awesome!

I recommend getting kids started on reading as soon as possible. Adding the element of fun when going to the library helps harbor that love for reading. They associate books with fun and that is exactly what we want. Check your local libraries for children’s programs that you can get your kids involved in.

When at home, I am a huge advocate for what we call “chair time.” This is mine and my kids’ time to sit in our rocking chair and read books to each other every night. My 2 year old absolutely loves it. I’m starting my 2 month old early in hopes that she loves it just as much.

By spending this quality time with your kids every night, you are helping them associate affection and cuddling with books. Some kids may not sit still as they get a little older and want to be moving all the time, but they will still remember that you took the time out of your day to spend time with them.

In the case that you are not already enjoying “chair time” with your kids, here are some of our favorite books that your family might enjoy as well! Even if you have a set time for reading, hopefully there’s a book here that you haven’t yet read!

Let me know how your “chair time” goes. I would love to hear about the books you read and the fun you have! I also love any and all suggestions on books, so leave your family’s favorite books in the comments.


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