Snapshot Fitness 1.0 Day 1 Cardio


Welcome to Snapshot Fitness 1.0! I’m looking forward to having you going you on this journey of weight loss or just simply getting into better shape. 1.0 is purely to anyone and everyone into a routine of working out. I will be learning and getting results right along with you. Therefore, bare with me as I get the hang of recording (haha).

These workouts are made for the busy mommies in the world. I know I want to spend as much time as possible with my little ones so I try to include them in the workout. As you will see, Bella joins me today! She loves dancing 🙂

This workout is easily customizable and if you don’t feel comfortable doing a move, don’t! Change it into something that fits for you. Just make sure that you continuing moving through the entirety of the workout.

For those moms who are breastfeeding, as am I, I know I worry about losing my supply. I have written a post talking about the concerns of losing your breastmilk supply and how you can keep that from happening. Please check that out before continuing.

I will not have a specific diet plan for this because I truly believe that everyone is different and every body is different. In my breastfeeding post, I have included some insight on diet and how you know if you are getting the right nutrients. This can be applied to anyone so please check that out.

Without further ado, enjoy Day 1 of Snapshot Fitness 1.0!


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