Tips on How to Breastfeed and Lose Weight


Breastfeeding has been incredibly important to me with both of my children. It has also been a goal of mine to get back down to my target weight, but I know my body must have extra calories to support breastfeeding. Burning more calories than I eat in order to lose weight just defeats the whole extra calorie bit. Well, I have found a way that will help make sure that you are getting the nutrients and calories that your specific body needs, without compromising your milk supply.

This is not medical advice, these are just suggestions that I use to help keep my supply flourishing. Before using these ideas, please consult your physician to make sure it is safe for you to use these methods.

There are obvious things that everyone needs such as plenty of water (I use the 64oz of water per day method, but your body may feel better drinking your weight in ounces) as well as eating a healthy diet including all the food groups and reasonable portion sizes.

For the methods I use, there are several aspects you need to look at in order to decide what needs to be added or subtracted from your diet.The aspects I want you to look at with your body are weight loss, weight gain, hunger/cravings, energy level, steady milk supply, and decrease in milk supply.

  • If you are experiencing low energy, hunger, cravings, but are seeing weight loss, you should add more protein and fiber to your diet. Add meat, cheese, nuts, milk, fiber-rich cereal, fruit, vegetables etc. to your diet depending on what fits with your lifestyle.
  • If you are experiencing low energy, decreasing milk supply, hunger, and are not seeing weight loss, again you need to add more protein and fiber to your diet.
  • If you are gaining weight and experiencing low energy, hunger, or decrease in milk supply, lower your fat and starches. Less potatoes, bread, pasta, cheese, avocados, or whole eggs etc.
  • If you are experiencing normal hunger, energy, and a steady milk supply, but are not losing weight, increase protein and lower starch in your diet.
  • If you re experiencing normal hunger, energy, and a steady milk supply, but are gaining weight, lower the starch in your diet.
  • And finally, if you are experiencing normal hunger, energy, steady milk supply, and are losing weight, you have found your body’s perfect diet!

If you find that your baby is rejecting the breast after you workout, it may just be that you are sweaty and he/she does not like that. Just quickly clean up before feeding them and they will most likely do just fine. If you have to, try to feed your baby before your workout to avoid this issue from happening.

I hope this is a help for those of you who are trying to lose the baby weight while continuing to breastfeed. Like I said earlier, I know breastfeeding is important to me and I want to make sure that everyone is able to breastfeed as they want while also reaching their weight loss goals!


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