Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon Book Review

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon was the quickest read of the year so far. I devoured this title in one sitting. I was craving a love story that was not like the rest and I was satisfied with this read.

Nicola Yoon introduces the reader to Madeline, an 18 year old with SCID that is not able to leave her home due to the fact that she could become severely ill at any moment. In short, she is allergic to everything. For the past 18 years Madeline has been cooped up in her white room with nothing but her books to keep her company. That is until Olly moves in next door.

Olly is the typical bad boy. Or so it seems. Madeline quickly realizes that there is something more to Olly. Something she wants to get to know about. They begin communicating through instant messages and quickly become friends. Eventually, Carla, Madeline’s nurse, arranges for the two to meet…in person.

After meeting Olly, Madeline realizes that she is missing out on a whole world out there and is determined to see it for herself. She leaves her home to escape with Olly and the story goes on amazingly from there.

I was definitely not expecting what came from the book, but it was so great that I can’t complain. I absolutely loved the love the two shared and I can’t help but enjoy the hopeless romantic in Olly. I loved Yoon’s writing style and her use of IM messages, notes, books reviews, etc. to move the story along. It was a good change of pace for this year.

Overall, I rate this book with 4 notes!

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 7.18.45 AM4 NOTE RATING

Hookability: 5 notes

Writing Style: 4 notes

Story: 4 notes

Overall: 4 notes

I would love to hear your thoughts on the book. If you have not yet read this title and would like to, order your copy from Amazon here:


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