Long Time, No See!

I have big big plans

It’s been a while since I have posted anything (not even a book review!) and I just wanted to check in with everyone. I have been extremely busy the last couple months and have come to many conclusions; 1. I am homeschooling my kiddos! (And am super excited about it) 2. I have a lot in store for the next year. 3. My big goal is to be out in an RV as a full-time traveling, homeschooling, super-mom by June 1st, 2018.

That’s a lot to digest, I know. Believe me…I know! I have been doing A LOT of thinking and researching and experimenting, etc. and have decided that this is what I need in my life. I truly feel that everything that has happened recently has happened for a reason. It’s just what God is wanting me to do and he sure has been giving me the signs. Not only will I be able to travel and experience the world like I have always wanted, but I will also be able to take my babies with me and watch them experience it too. This was one of my main goals for homeschooling. I want them to learn by doing and seeing. What better way to do that than to travel? 

So, for the next year, I have several things that I want to accomplish and I would like to take you along for the ride. I will be posting many different things that pertain to homeschooling and how I am getting ready, traveling and what it will take to get started, budget ideas (because we all know that’s important!), and organization/declutter ideas (I have some major downsizing to do before I can even think about loading up an RV for full-time living.)

I hope you are as excited as I am to be going on this journey with me and my girls. Come along and enjoy the ride!


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